Die Überlebenden Amores Perros Nacimiento Pinguinos Letztes Biest am Himmel Petroleum Traum des Ostens Ergänzung des vermutlich Unvollständigen Kraft durch Freude Katarina, Dolly or Margaret Furcht vor der Luftspiegelung Nucleo Iceberg Who is afraid of Red, yellow and Blue Roma Portrait Unidentified Flying Object
    Die Überlebenden / The Survivors, 2005   Amores Perros / Loved Dogs, 2007   Nacimiento / Birth, 2010   Pinguinos / Penguins, 2010   Belief in the progress of mankind, 2005   Letztes Biest am Himmel / Last Beast in Heaven, 2006   A Study on the Winged Angels (after C.D. Friedrich), 2010   Petroleum, 2010   Traum des Ostens / Orient's Dream, 2006   Economical element of dissection, 2008   Ergänzung des vermutlich Unvollständigen, 2010   Revelation, 2010   Kraft durch Freude / Strength through Happiness, 2008   Katarina, Dolly and Margaret, 2010   Furcht vor der Luftspiegelung / Fear of the Mirage, 2005   Nucleo, 2010   Where are we coming from?, 2010   Iceberg, 2010  

Who is afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue, 2008

  Drug Scape, 2010   Architectural Structures of Power (EUR), 2005   Kindheit / Childhood, 2006   Portrait, 2005   Unidentified Flying Object, 2010    
                                            Supplement of the supposed incomplete                                                        
    All paintings: Oil on canvas, 44 x 55 cm                                                                                                
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