Gringolandia Exhibition
    Gotlands Konstmuseum, Visby, 2nd Oct 2010 - 23rd Jan 2011    
    The Art Museum of Gotland, Visby, Sweden (individual exhibition)    
    Art works included in the show. Please click on image to get more information!
    Gringolandia neon light text   Gringolandia neon light text    
    Gringolandia (painting installation with neon light, 30 x 180 cm, 2010)    
    Topographical Definitions    
    Topographical Definitions   Topographical Definitions    
    Topographical Definitions (series of oil paintings on canvas, 44 x 55 cm, 2005 - 2010)    
    La Panamericana    
    La Panamericana (wall series of 54 c-prints, 48,5 x 60 cm, 2010)        
    Latitud   Latitud    
    Latitud (c-print, metal, text, 48,5 x 60 cm, 2010)        
    Dokument 002 (memorandum from Berlin - Todesstreife)   Replika - Die Mauer (wood & cardboard, 210 x 380 cm, 2008)    
    (oil paint, lead, chipboard & metal, 44 x 55 cm, 2008)   (full scale model of a former Berlin wall modul of concrete)    
    Poetry In Motion    
    Poetry in Motion (text on plexi glass and sound, thirteen pieces, 42 x 29,7 cm, 2010)    
    The poetic words are code names of american atomic bomb tests approx. between 1945-94 divided in 13 chapters.    
    White Trash   White Trash    
    My White Trash Painting installation (UV-light, fluo white colour, wood, 250 x 244 x 122 cm, 2006 - 2010)    
    Family self portrait with empty packages, wrappings and trash.    
    Berlin First of may   Milton Friedman    
    Zehn Minuten Lernprozess / Ten Minutes Process of Learning (video, animation & sound, 10 min, 2006)    
    Zehn Minuten Studium    
    Zehn Minuten Studium - George W. Bush besucht Berlin 2002 und Kopenhagen 2005
Ten Minutes of Study - George W. Bush visits Berlin 2002 & Copenhagen 2005
    (two parallell video projections, 10 min, 2006)    
    Tanzmaschine   Tanzmaschine    
    Tanzmaschine / Dance machine (realtime generated computer installation, video & sound, 2005)    
    Many Thanks to the following persons and institutions in the realization of the Gringolandia exhibition at The Art Museum of Gotland:    
    Joakim Allgulander (artist), Eva Bergenwall (artist), Per Björklund (technician, Riksutställningar), Angelica Blomhage (director)
& the staff at The Art Museum of Gotland, Anders Bräck (director) & Digitala Bildverkstaden (Malmö), Magnus Denker (photographer),
Juri Markkula (artist), The Arts Grants Committee in Sweden (Stockholm), The Gotland School of Art (Visby)
    For personal support Thanks to the artists Fredrik Anderberg & Nils Ekberg (both Malmö) and writer Christer Hermansson    
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