Torbjörn Limé 2010-2000
    Examples of main works        
    Replika - Die Mauer ESF Malmö   Torbjörn Limé and Lize Mogel    
    Replika - Die Mauer (lying down version 2008), 210 x 380 cm,
wood & cardboard, the Outlook exhibition, European Social
Forum, Malmö, 2008 (project created by The Pineapple)
  Torbjörn Limé and Lize Mogel, Ecological Colonialism - creative
environments for a sustainable future
(workshop at European Social Forum, Malmö, 2008)
Thanks to the Arts Grants Committee in Sweden
    Hair Peace   Freedom    
    Hair Peace, c-print, 28 x 35 cm, 2003 (Krognoshuset, Lund, 2006)   Freedom, c-print, 27 x 36 cm, 2005 (Krognoshuset, Lund, 2006)    
    Review: Sydsvenskan, Malmö about the exhibition "Studium des kapitalistischen Realismus" in Lund, Sweden, 2006    
    Tanzmaschine (realtime generated computer installation), Galleri ID:I, Stockholm, 2005 (together with Bjørn Wangen)    
    Bjørn Wangen and Torbjörn Limé   Computer installation at Galleri ID:I    
    Torbjörn Limé and Bjørn Wangen   Galleri ID:I (installation view)    
    Alphabet, 2005 (fire drawings with lighter in dark studio)    
    Close viewe of Alphabet, fire drawings, four of forty pieces in the series    
    Line 1    
    Stockalper City   Stockalper City / betonBau    
    Stockalper City, 2003 (Please click on image and then click again on company symbol to get more information about the project)    
    Line 2    
    Galleri ID:I   Street view galleri ID:I    
    My White Trash, Galleri ID:I, Stockholm, 2003 & Galleri F 15,
Moss, Norway, 2004 (UV-light, fluo white colour, packages & wood)
  Galleri ID:I (Stockholm), outside look with masonite on the
    Psyfidelity   City Architecture    
    Psyfidelity, 2002, Galleri F15, Moss, Norway & Bohusläns
Konsthall, Uddevalla, 2002 (UV-light, fluo white colour, trash
& plastic curtain)
  City Architecture (UV-light, fluo white colour, empty
packages & wood)
Nordic Live Art, Göteborgs Konsthall, 2003
    Psyfidelity, 2002 (UV-light, fluo white colour, trash, plastic curtains, empty packages, polyurethan foam),
Berstüb'l Project Space, Berlin, 2002
    Dark room Bohusläns Konsthall      
    Psyfidelity dark room for UV-light installation, Bohusläns
konsthall, 2002
  Psyfidelity (close view) Galleri F15, Moss, Norway & Bohusläns Konsthall, Uddevalla, 2002    
    Line 3    
    Achtung Bush kommt!   Utopia Publikation(54)    
    Achtung Bush kommt!, 2002 (CD-Rom with video)   Utopia, 2002 (Publikation 54)    
    CD cover Achtung Bush kommt!   Burning car    
    Achtung Bush kommt!, 2002 (CD cover)   Photo from Utopia    
    Fractal One   Fractal Six    
    Fractals, 2002 (two of ten computermade fractal paintings)        
    Fractal close view    
    Close view of one of the Fractal paintings        
    Poetry in Motion Rovaniemi   Poetry in Motion Close view    
    Poetry in Motion, 2001 (fourth version, text, paper & sound), Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland, second photo: close view    

The poetic words are code names of american atomic bomb tests approx. between 1945-94 divided in 13 chapters, more than
1400 names altogether (The exhibition project Adaption at four venues, 1999 - 2001)

    Poetry in Motion Jyväskylä   Poetry in Motion Jyväskylä    
    Poetry in Motion, 2001 (third version, text, self adhesive paper & sound), Jyväskylä Art Museum, Finland, second photo: close view    
    Poetry in Motion Norrköpings Konsthall   Poetry in Motion at J&B    
    Poetry in Motion, 2000 (second version, text & self adhesive
paper), Norrköpings Konsthall, 2000
  Poetry in Motion, 1999 (first version, text & self adhesive
paper), J&B, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Duck and Cover, 2000 (performance with guitar, pre-recorded
sounds and video), Standard Performance Festival at
Nefertiti, Gothenburg, Sweden
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